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Inside the mind of Laurent Hennekens, owner of Muziekcafé de Meister, where he shares his thoughts and vision about many different topics.

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Time for a poem.

I was feeling a little creative and wrote two poems. ! for our friends in the lgbtq community and 1 about live and let love

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Am I not Human?

Nowadays critical problems in the world and their debate or possible solutions are categorized as left or right wing thinking.
It seems our identities who we are and how we look at people are controlled by these political demographic term.
My question is when does politics end and humanity starts.

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This is my hardcore

Many times I got the question “yeah, but what is this, this hardcore, Isn’t it only a lot of screaming” And then the only thing I could think of was, just come and see it, because there is much more than meets the eye.

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