ill and secretly a new album of the NWoBHM heroes DESOLATION ANGELS appears. Simply saying “King” and when you look at the king on the cover, you know that the British journeymen were thinking of the Crooked Colleague and not of an earthly monarch. Everything is the same when it comes to the image of the troupe. But what does it look like musically, the inclined fan of the band will ask. After all, this is the first longplayer with vocalist Paul Taylor behind the microphone. The man, who already liked me very much at the HOA performance and who already provided excellent singing at MIDNIGHT MESSIAH and ELIXIR. Not much can go wrong. A hunch, which is immediately confirmed by the brisk opener ‘Doomsday’. The melodic number also shows another plus point of “King”: The production. The time-honored pommel dancer Chris Tsangarides has crafted a wonderfully crisp sound that fits in well with the old-fashioned direction of the band. The two guitars come with a wonderful NWoBHM flair around the corner and push constantly forward.That’s how hard rock must sound.

In the further course, de band operates in the usual climes and skilfully explores all shades of their geographical and temporal classification. So there are other melodic moments like the fast rocker ‘Another Turn Of The Screw’ or the melancholic ‘Your Black Heart Heart’. On the other hand, the gentlemen occasionally give it a go too. Listen in the nimble ‘Hellfire’, which spreads a good mood with two-part vocals and juicy riffs. Of equal quality is the catchy ‘Rotten To The Core’ with its crisp chorus.

However, the band develops its absolute power of composition whenever it is worn and sounds a bit epic. Friends of old exploits know what I am writing about. Starting with the emotionally initiated ‘Devil Sent’, at whose Erstverlauschung I already sat in the duck parka under the headphones. A state of mind that has increased with increasing frequency of playback. The emotional interaction of the two (original) guitarists is just to melt away and the singing of Paul puts the whole thing on the crown. ‘Find Your Life’ then shines with acoustic verses and a powerful chorus, where you have to sing along automatically. Mister Taylor sings in this song so emotionally, you believe him every word. The almost cheesy background “Aaahs” and – “Oooohs”emphasize the mood of the song and make me almost reach for the handkerchief. A big movie theater!

Remain the two taillights of the album, the quality but by no means lagging behind the remaining material ago. But on the contrary. While ‘Sky Of Pain’ thunders out of the speakers in a melodic and fluent way, yet still radiates the typical DESOLATION ANGELS feeling, ‘My Demons Inside’ becomes a future anthem. This epic song has everything that a hymn has to bring along: sensational vocals, guitars that splash out of the speakers and a melody line that immediately captivates. The song alone justifies the purchase of the album.

As you can easily see, I’m completely excited about “King” and can only hope that the gentlemen come with these songs in their luggage again to Germany. Fantastic!

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