“Solitude Within” is a Belgian female fronted band that combines classical music with Hard Rock and Heavy Metal and gives it a modern touch. They bring you great symphonic rock music with a beautiful melodic female singing voice, gorgeous melodies, epic choruses, thunderous drums and blazing guitar solos that will blow your mind. With all of that combined, they create their own unique sound which will get stuck in your mind for a long time! Emmelie (Vocals & Keys) formed the band together with bass player Quincy. It didn’t take long to find the other members as JP and Johan (both guitars) would quickly join their ranks. Later on Ash would reinforce the band on the drums. In 2016 they were ready to go.
All songs are composed by JP and Emmelie and all lyrics are written by Emmelie. For some of the songs Quincy also got involved in the song writing process. They uploaded a first song called “Fade Away”, which was greatly appreciated and Solitude Within got an offer for a record deal with “Mausoleum Records”. The band gladly accepted the offer. However the passing of Alfie Falckenbach, the founder of Mausoleum Records threw a spanner in the works. So the band decided to take the last steps to release the album in their own hands. In September 2016 the recordings where finished and a teaser of a second song “Paralyzed” was released. Later in January 2017 the album was mastered by Tony De Block at Midas Recording studios. In May 2017 the long awaited debut album “Disappear” got finally released and with that, the band is ready to kick your ass with their fantastic music and live shows!

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