Am I not human ?

Nowadays critical problems in the world and their debate or possible solutions are categorized as left or right wing thinking.
It seems our identities who we are and how we look at people are controlled by these political demographic term.
My question is when does politics end and humanity starts.
Alot of problems in society nowadays are human problems and not political, and we should solve them as human beeings.
An example lately I see messages coming by of the amout farmers are getting paid by the product.
And this is alot or not a lot depending on your political and economic view.
Or are famers beeing environental correct, with respect and love for animals.
This should not be the discussion, Farmers are one of the hardest working people.
And to run a farm in this time, trying to provide for their families is one of the most stressfull jobs there is.
They have to have knowledge about so much scientific and economical area’s and the reward is often minimal.
The balance between input and output is off.
Farmers nowaday have a very high number of depression, and suicidefeelings.
Offcourse they want to be strong and will almost never talk about it.
I think this among so many other problems this is a humanity problem not a political or economy problem.
And we should treat it as one.
Everybody will agree that animals should e treated with respect, and in Europe there are rules as are in the netherlands.
Farmers with exception offcourse obey these rules.
Now offcourse people say as a political point of view, these rules should be sharpend for the benefit of animals or loosend fort he benifit of farmers.
That is political right or left wing for tring to solve a problem that has to do with money.
Nowadays it seems that life has been directly linked or should I say the value of life to money. And this is not only a problem for animals.
Human beeings suffer from this also directly.
I think the human beeings farmers are they would welcome the opurtunity to deal with animals and land as they see fit.
Not beeing controlled by the constant pressure of the value of their hard work.
If one cow could make as much money as 10.
They would have one cow ok maybe two because it is better to cry in a car in the rain then on a bike.
But this hypothese is also again about value and somebody has to pay for it in the system we are in today.
I have heared not fact checked that from the birth of a child in mayor stock exchanges are speculating and trading aout the value of this child as a consumer and producer.
Will this system not do everything about this that this person dilivers.
With no regards about human or animal life.
Because we have been reduced to a number which has value.
And alogoritm and computers calculate with enough demographic input how much.
This is basicly the matrix this is not racism, our poor family will eat unhealtier, have lower education etc and is often sadly and historical racial.
Fact is it is economical, and often created and willingly or unwillingly maintained.
The human input in this system how we are beeing controlled is racial and often racist.
But the fact is as Kennedy said:
“Our most basic common link is that we all inhabit this planet.
We all breathe the same air.
We all cherish our children’s future.
And we are all mortal”
So should we not look more at the human side of the problem, and make human solutions instead of right or left way thinking.
Because as stated before these are economic or political to me.
When the economic factor has been removed from the equation of let’s call it the matrix input.
Problems of greed, racism, violence will become a thing of the past exceptions there.
How beautiful this utopia would be, because devide et impera, devide and conquer has never been more actual and strong.
But even more actual is we need a different way of thinking as the one which created the problem.
Like Andy Dufrene said, hope is a beautiful thing.
I hope we can get out of this virtual prison without having to fight.
Because evil prevails when good men do nothing.
And a human world is still far from realty.
But there are alot of opportunities and we live now in a safer and better time in history, so the time to act is maybe upon us.

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