This is my Hardcore.

Some screams are louder than you can imagine

And that is the complete truth, because some screams are louder than you can imagine.
The call upon a personal story of years of depression, or being bullied, pain sadness, or feeling lonely.
Or just the feeling that the world is completely unfair, where poverty and hunger go side by side with obesitas, death of all life, and a surplus of wealth.

Yes in this scream there are morals and principles were the revolutionaire thinkers as Benjamin Franklin and Jean-Jaques Rousseau could make their impact on the universal declaration of human rights and the constitutions of France and America.
Yes, this scream allows you to scream for a better world.

That you are not alone in your pain and sadness. That when you collide hard in the moshpit and you hurt somebody or somebody hurts you unwanted (isn’t this a little like life) than you deal wit hit together and fix it.

By screaming even louder or mosh even harder, or by helping somebody who’s needs are just a it bigger at that time. Because that is hardcore for me personal.

I have had always the principles and the morality of one for al land all for one. But I never knew what hardcore ment. Not until November 2016 and Rob and Marco of Coma bookings walked in and changed everything.

They had warned me, if you go in with hardcore they will destroy your place. Nothing can be further from the truth, yes it can go hard, very hard even. But i fit is broken we fix it, if you fall we pick you up. Seems tob e the silent motto since the first concert of coma here.

Without giving too much personal information, I can say hardcore or rather the people in the hardcore scene, opened my eyes. You can be yourself and being accepted. No matter where you come from or what you dress like. Naturally it has its own subculture and dress-codes and behaviour, and you can see documentaries on youtube about fighting etc. But like Carl said during the First Blood concert. I want to educate my son that there is a difference between what they want you to believe and what is the truth. So that he can make his own decisions to make himself happy.

This I will always remember and cherish, a free choice to make yourself happy, were you are not alone.

That’s hardcore for me.

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