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Honesty is a hardcore band born between Paris (France) and Belgrade (Yugoslavia) influenced by the New york, Boston and european hardcore scene, bands like Madball, Ramallah, Barcode and Biohazard. 
But also in love with the Hip Hop movement.

Guys wanted to bring something new to Europe, a mix of groove, power and clever lyrics, committed against the new world order propaganda, denounciation of Nato crimes and U.N lies. Pointing the finger on the paradox that concerns the western countries who wrote the declaration of the human rights and all the criminal actions that the same nations are commiting for decades over the Planet.

The band also had a real commitment to homeless people in Paris for years, the singer – songwriter is actually a member of the international red cross movement and takes inspiration of his action to share its experience.

Honesty took part in lot of human projects, shows for ill-children, compilation for children in need, compilation for people of Syria, association to the HHF 
(hardcore help foundation) : presence at the benefit show, on the first compilation and asian tour with founds collected for the victims of flood in Philippines.

In 8 years, there was 2 demos and 3 albums released : 
« Back to reality » (Disagree records – 2007), 
« We got game » (Goodlife records – 2009) and 
« The american dream » (Core-tex records – 2012) feat Barcode and Ray Skarhead.

The band played more than 200 shows all over the globe with Madball, Agnostic Front, Down, Lagwagon and many more; made several european tours with Backfire ! (Netherlands), Billy Club Sandwich (Usa), The Boss (Belgium) and an Asian tour in 2012 with the OVC Family.

Featuring ex-members of 25 ta life, Apocalypse now (GSR), Count to react (FWH),
Honesty is considered by many as one of the leader of the european hardcore scene. To Mass Movement magazine, « Honesty is the Europe’s answer to Madball ».

As long as the world will spill the blood of the innocents, 
Honesty will rise against.


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