Time for a poem.

A poem for our friends in the lgbtq community


Our love, our life, our future is in danger.

We rely on hope but all that rest is anger.

We all look to each other in fear to find truth.

Trying to find it in the innocence of the growing youth.

An illusion because we forgot were it all begun.

In a time where even the world was young.

When I saw myself and I knew I was I

And reality came when one become two in time

We discovered love was more then sex

And a rainbow shined so complex

This is for all who suffer in the name of love.

Stay strong, look for the sky, look for the white dove.

Because when the ashes have settled in pain.

And the sun makes the rainbow again and again.

We know only the brave will live forever.


And another poem.


Today I saw my heart having trouble beating.

The distance I have seen is like our square with no meeting.

I stand there alone waiting a couple of memories

And I realize I have only met you in a maze with no entry.

Lost without you not knowing you are not real.

Trying to explain all my life why the universe does not deal.

I have got nothing to lose, I have given it all.

My soul is black in this never ending fall.

Time does not exist anymore.

You can say I have heard it all before.

But never more will 1 second last a lifetime.

Never more will I ever call you mine.



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